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Snapchat is stepping up their game, expanding their augmented reality try-on feature with PRADA @prada and FARFETCH @farfetch already on board.

(Schulz, 2021)

Snapchat users are now able to try on glasses, purses, bracelets and clothes. The software was also updated and now responds better to body and facial movements than ever before. With this strategy Snapchat aims to become more relevant in the fashion social media game, which is mainly ruled by platforms such as Instagram right now.

FARFETCH is testing the new apparel try-on tool of Snapchat with some OFF WHITE @off____white jackets from the VIRGIL ABLOH @virgilabloh ‘s new collection. Users can try on the jacket virtual and either share the picture or buy it directly in the app.

PRADA @prada is also using Snapchats’s new tool, to give users the chance to try on various handbags from the brand. With hand gestures it is even possible top change the colors of the bags.

In our opinion, with its new virtual try-on tool Snapchat is on the way to gain much more relevance in the fashion game and we are excited what more they have in store. 💪🏼

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