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GUCCI @gucci joins forces with ROBLOX @roblox to expand its presence in the metaverse! 👾

In honor of Gucci’s centennial, the brand launched a two-week art installation within Roblox, which the players can view and interact with. Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows users to program games and play games created by other users.

The art installation features multiple rooms, it opens with Gucci Garden Archetypes installation featuring 15 of Gucci’s best campaign sets and then the users are greeted with virtual Gucci Garden that they can wander through, offering immersion in the creative vision of ALESSANDRO MICHELE @alessandro_michele . Visitors can also enter a virtual lobby in which their avatars can view, try on and purchase digital Gucci items. Roblox also randomizes the order in which the rooms appear, making every experience unique!

Gucci has been actively gamifying their retail mix with multiple collaborations like ZEPETO @zepeto.official , WANNA KICKS @wannakicks and now ROBLOX @roblox . It allows the brand to increase their brand awareness amongst the younger Gen Z as well as to further embed the brand into the metaverse!

The collaboration has made the headlines yet again with the Roblox Gucci Dionysus bag reselling for 350,000 Robux (approximately US $4,115), which is almost $1000 more than the retail price of a physical Dionysus bag. 👜

Initially the bag was selling for 475 Robux, which is roughly $8. The collection quickly sold out on Roblox and was then in the hands of resellers, who managed to make the Roblox Gucci Dionysus bee bag the most coveted item. The bag can be worn by an in-game avatar that the players create on the platform.

This phenomenon translates the trend of digitalization and supports the fact that soon the metaverse will become much more prominent, making its users spend the same amount or even more than we currently spend on physical garments.

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