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“Nobody needs another Tshirt. But what if they do, but just don’t know it yet?”

(Mjasnikova, 2021)

EBIT™️ is personal project of Simon Whitehouse @simonsrockyroad , one of the key players of the contemporary fashion scene and the CEO of the sustainable creative agency @ecoage. The creations of EBIT™️ are not only though-provoking but also aesthetically pleasant and innovative.

The T-Shirt in question exists in both physical and virtual realms with a special emphasis on its digital form that is provoking a cultural change by promoting sustainable consumption and mental health awareness. The virtual garment serves multiple purposes from digital styling to gamification and virtual editorials.

The physical T-shirts exists in an entirely different context, where the amount of pieces available is very scarce and each T-shirt is handcrafted in Italy 🇮🇹, ensuring a quality product that will last for a long time.

-Oh but it’s just a t-shirt.

-But is it really?

EBIT™️ truly made FRAKS© question...

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