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NFT fever: Virtual sneakers' sale raised $3.1 million USD in 7 minutes

(Nyupenko, 2021)

The virtual sneaker brand RTFKT Studios has collaborated with an 18-year-old designer, FEWOCIOUS for a collection of sneakers (3 styles with price points from $3000 USD to $10 000 USD per pair), accompanied by merch in the shape of ‘Drip’ and ‘Charm’. The collection was available for purchase on NFT platform NIFTY GATEWAY.

The bidders had an opportunity to try on the virtual sneakers on Snapchat before the sales began, and the winners are also getting a real-life version of the sneaker they purchased; however, as RTFKT emphasized, the real valuable is the virtual piece.

NFT has been showing a rapid growth in sales and exponential interest among consumers and sellers, making it a very desirable and innovative outlet for selling not only digital art but also digital fashion!

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