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(Schulz, 2021)

The idea of computer-generated influencers might sound like an episode of NETFLIX Black Mirror come to life, but it is very much reality. CGI influencers like @lilmiquela might act and look like a real person, they hang out with real people, wear real-life clothes and visit real places, but they are not real. They are characters made by a team of writers and graphic designers. 👩🏻‍💻

Studies like the one from the Californian company FULL SCREEN , which state that 42% of Gen Z and Y are following an influencer which they think is real, but is really CGI, show how real these avatars actually appear.

These digital influencers can be found on all social media platforms, but YouTube accounts like the one of Lil Miquela create an even deeper connection with their audience. This is a great opportunity for companies and some are already working on developing their own CGI Influencers, but it also has a shadow side.

Influencers like @tferg__ have already made videos where they share their concerns about computer-generated influencers and how they might take the jobs of real people and how it is questionable to take life advice from a scripted avatar.

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