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The True Gen

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Gen Z, often named as the « True Gen », are on the way to deeply shaking-up the way we see the world...

(Pouch, 2021)

Marketers have been struggling the past few years to try and decode the behaviour of this upcoming consumer group, with more or less success; however rightly highlighting a few interesting patterns. Indeed, they are characterised by their mobility, their fluidity and their capacity to apprehend multiple realities and identities, also deeply questioning the world that their elders have been shaping.

However, the very essence of this new generation, described above, deeply questions our capacity and even the necessity to label those young people, today aged around 13 to 25 years old. The nomadic spirit and the natural inclination of those real digital natives to constantly evolve in between different groups and realities, know as micro-communities, makes them elusive and mysterious in many ways ! « That context has produced a hypercognitive generation very comfortable with collecting and cross-referencing many sources of information and with integrating seamlessly virtual and offline experiences. » (McKinsey, 2018)

At Fraks© we do believe that if we really want to understand the future, we need to work with the future, and give the voice to this new generation, instead of trying to segment them and lock them up in boxes, as for traditional marketing approaches. Our belief is that fashion companies have to open to new practices, disrupt the way they work, constantly challenge themselves and make the effort to move on their own ground, opening conversations in their own language and adapting to their own codes.

Gen Z are and will be shaping the world as they see it for themselves and for the future, just like baby boomers have been doing so in their time. But those days are over and we are now experiencing a passionating revolution.

(Photo Credits : Fortnite x Nike)

Our goal is to help and lead the fashion companies and institutions in that transition, erasing the boundaries between real and virtual, to which they tend to be blind. Developing ad-hoc crossover global marketing and communication strategies to accompany them all along this journey into the unknown.

Fraks© mission is to create links with this new gen communities, gathering their members around cross-borders, playful, immersive and engaging experiences in order to open the dialogue and develop emotional bonds with those polymorphic consumers, backed by leading experts and start-ups in the field of virtual reality and gaming.

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