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Whering, an app that allows users to digitize their wardrobe, pick and save outfits, as well as get professional stylists’ consultations! Today on FRAKS Talks, Bianca Rangecroft, ex-banker turned entrepreneur, discusses her inspiration for Whering, its best features as well as how she sees the future.

Whering is all about digitizing your wardrobe. What inspired you to launch this project?

I spent the first four years of my career at Barclay’s and then at Goldman Sachs. I was lucky to work on the Stitch Fix & Farfetch IPOs and thus spent a lot of time doing due diligence on the fashion tech sector. That’s when I started thinking about using tech to democratize personal styling: every woman needs to be able to shop smart and be inspired by what she already owns while reducing the carbon and water footprint.

What is the feature of Whering that you’re most proud of?

Dress me - hands down. It's a replica of Cher's wardrobe organizer from Clueless and has been my dream since I first watched the movie. With the help of machine learning, we are able to offer new outfit ideas to our users, bringing that novelty which is similar to when you buy a new item.

With the evolution of digital fashion and AR technology, how do you see the potential development of your application in that area?

We're big fans of what's being built in the ecosystem. I think digital fashion is the future and AR a powerful tool that will revolutionize our fashion experiences (and one that will have a huge impact across the value chain). For Whering it could mean anything from having a 3D version of yourself on our Dress Me feature (to try clothes on top of) to sizing and fit technology on the purchases you make through the app or even digital clothes to add to your existing wardrobe.

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