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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

During the past week the news that captured the attention of FRAKS© was the announcement of the new brand, @beathsworld

(Mjasnikova, 2021)

The 🇮🇹 startup combines the renowned excellence that stands behind thr “Made in Italy” with the universe of competitive gaming, known as e-sports. In fact, Beaths claims to be the first brand to create the professional gear that targets the gaming athletes. Just like other types of technical clothing, the creations of Beaths aims to increase the performance, while ensuring the maximum comfort for the gamers.

The Italian label is created by the gamers, which grants them an extensive amount of expertise in what is it exactly that this target group is seeking for. Moreover, the brand is supported by numerous ambassadors that mainly operate on @twitch , the popular streaming platform for gamers.

Whether worn by a professional gamer or a fan, the goal of Beath is to become one of the symbols of the rapidly-growing billion-dollar industry.

Witnessing the raising popularity of sportswear and athleisure fashion, FRAKS© admires the creative and ambitious goals of the young brand, as it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. #fraks #esports #tecnicalfashion #fashionforgamers 🎮

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