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Store of the future: an AR boutique available for preview via Instagram filter by MACHINE-A and the Institute of Digital Fashion !

(Nyupenko, 2021)

UK multi-brand retailer Machine-a teamed up with the Institute of Digital Fashion to bring to life an AR-powered boutique, that showcased brands like @richardquinn , @acoldwall and @delada_ .

The collaboration was done in honor of London Fashion Week, which allowed to make up for the loss of physical retail over the past year due to the lockdown restrictions and keep the consumers engaged with the brands in a new, more innovative way.

We explored the boutique ourselves via the IG filter available on Machine-a’s account, it is a rather small space that showcased a few garments from each designer as well as showcased their ideas on what the future of fashion could look like.

Although the AR itself needs some work, it is a major breakthrough for fashion brands in terms of implementing AR technology into their retail mix, which brings us a lot of joy and hope. We look forwards to more brands embracing such technology and attempting to engage customers more and more in cyberspace!

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