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PUMA released its first digital collection “Untigravity” in collaboration with Russian 3D designer Regina Turbina back in September 2020.

(Nyupenko, 2021)

The collaboration was aimed at bringing the attention of the public to the issue of overconsumption, and the changing role of clothes in our every day lives. The collection consists of three looks, that have different materials such as fluid metallic textures, soft digital cotton and leather.

The collection was released as a part of celebration of @tsvetnoy 10 year anniversary and could be digitally tried on for a couple of days at the Tsvetnoy store. It was also available for purchase for a limited time on REPLICANT Fashion .

This was a stepping stone towards further familiarising fashion consumers with digital clothes in a more open and tactile way, as they could ‘try on’ the items.

#digitalfashion #puma #3dfashiondesign #3dfashion

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